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Project Description
The pack-ready lamination machine was designed & manufactured by Maabarot in order to apply a revolutionary laminate that allows immediate use/packaging right after the lamination process without curing, thus saving valuable time to market.

Providing HP with a major breakthrough in the flexible packaging field!!!

Scope of work
Mechanical concept development with hp indigo laminate developers.
Full engineering design and technical definitions and specifications.
Manufacture of first prototype exhibited in DRUPA 2016.
Total delivery time from preliminary concept approval: 7 months.

Main Systems
Main structure based on two steel walls with safety covers.
Dual Unwinder for laminate and Print
Tension Control for the different segments
Corona Treatment
Lamination unit attaching the substrates: 3 thermal drums and a heated press roller; Accurate web angles setting systems; External heating and cooling systems
Trim and middle slitting and disposing
Interface to an FFS machine
Rewinder station
Command & Control system programed according to spec
User friendly HMI
U.L electrical design and execution
Complementary Rolls load/Unload lift carriage

NETAFIM worldwide irrigation leader
Development and manufacture of a complete automated production line for Netafim that will provide a significant breakthrough in the irrigation field.

Multi -Layer Filer line

Direct Client: Emefcy

Fully automated multiple plastic layers welding and sealing converting line for a unique Start-Up:
Our first line enabled primary production leading to huge breakthrough for water treatment to be followed by several Industrial lines for mass production in the Asian Market.

Adhesive tapes and carry handles Laminators & Spoolers for clients in Europe and USA.

Our products for the adhesive Tapes Industry:
For various materials and applications, combined with different adhesives

Increased production volume;
High quality product.
Suitable for a wide of customer requirements.
We can provide you with the competitive edge that will convert your business.

Threads tying and wrapping – Paskal Greenhouse solutions

Fully automated process for threads tying and wrapping on metal racks to be used in greenhouse
Thread unwind from a spool roll
Thread winding and tension control around the tying and wrapping process
Racks Feeding
Complex automation systems and processes handling different kinds of threads

Security Tags Production Line

A complete automated process for the production of security tags against thefts integrating various technologies: Vaccum forming; Film Laminating; Welding; Accurate indexing; Cutting; P&P Manipulators; Thermal printing.

Wide Format winding Machines

Direct Client: Ginegar Plastics.
Design and manufacture of winding machines offering a new technological approach for Ginegar’s winding process.
Winding machine for a variety of plastic films of widths up to 5m.
Linear sliding system in order to allow center unwinding of 2 jumbo rolls on the same core.
Winding speeds: 20-120 m/min.
Tension control: 10-100 kg, allowing a variety of film materials.
Jumbo roll max. weight: 2.5 ton.

Digital Press – Blanket Dryer for Landa

Hot air dryer after blanket coating:
Comprises of 6 hot air units
Temperature control: 200 +/-3 Celsius.
Double jacket isolation
Safe and easy operation.

Paper application on huge glass plates

Direct Client: KCC (South Korea)

Paper unwind, splice and mounting on float glass lines moving in speeds up to 80 m/min.

Digital Press Blankets Laminator

Direct Client: HP Indigo

Design & Manufacture of lamination machine as part of hp indigo quality assurance process.

Slow winding process in order to detect and repair failures in films for hp printing machines.
Including splicing, lamination, speed and tension control systems.

Silicon Coating of plastic film for laser printers

Direct Client : VIM

Liquid Coating with hot air dryer (explosion proof),
IR Curing,
Inspection Station,
Trim Slitting,
Unwind / Rewind

Liquid Coating Machine for PDLC

Unique development with high accuracy:
Coating uniformity of 5 micron through film width up to 1.8m.
Water heated rolls system up to 80 Celsius.
Integrated with winding, tension control, UV curing and lamination systems.

Slitters for Nonwoven Fabric

Slitter for Shalag Nonwovens (kibbutz Shamir)

Slitting Width: 100-1200 mm.
Max Roll Diameter: 1300 mm.
Speed up to 600 m/min.

Hygimed – Unique development for hospital waste treatment

Hygimed converts contaminated medical waste to sanitary solid waste:

Onsite immediate waste treatment
Reducing up to 90% of waste volume
Effective decontamination process, destructing infectious pathogens
Environmentally friendly

Barrels wrapping machine for Greif

Wrapping every second barrel to prevent damages in the shipping process.

Pallets logistics

Pallets handling solutions:

Pallets exchangers
Pallets dispensers
Pallets manipulators – palletizers
Automated pallets handling lines

End of line – Paper packaging

Several application for paper converters: Log wrapping, Napkin packaging; Logs conveying, tilting and more..

Safety surveys and mitigation

Assisting local factories to upgrade their physical and control systems to mitigate safety and health risks and comply with international standards.