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An onsite treatment solution specialized in convertinginfectiousMedical Waste to municipality waste with up to an 80% volume reduction.


The pack-ready lamination machine was designed & manufactured by MMW to revolutionize the lamination process saving valuable time and money.

HP Indigo

Lamination machine as part of hp indigo quality assurance process.

Slow winding process in order to detect and repair failures in films for hp printing machines. Including splicing, lamination, speed and tension control systems.


Multi -Layer Filer line

Fully automated multiple plastic layers welding and sealing converting line for a unique Start-Up: Our first line enabled primary production leading to a huge breakthrough for water treatment to be followed by several Industrial lines for mass production in the Asian Market.

Adhesive tapes and carry handles Laminators & Spoolers for clients in Europe and USA.

Adhesive Tapes Industry

Our products for the adhesive Tapes Industry:

For various materials and applications, combined with different adhesives

Security Tags Production Line

A complete automated process for the production of security tags against thefts integrating various technologies: Vacuum forming; Film Laminating; Welding; Accurate indexing; Cutting; P&P Manipulators and Thermal printing.